curatorLaurie Lazer/Darryl SmithdateNovember 14, 2003 - January, 2004

Elaine Buckholtz

solo exhibition

Reception: Friday, November 14, 6-8pm

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The darkened Luggage Store exhibition space features work that sculpts light, sound and video into mostly recycled and/or found objects. Lenses, motors, common objects, recorded original sound, light and video are used to create pieces with a meditative effect..

The spinner, mounted above the staircase spins slowly, throwing patterns of light across the gallery, and onto some of the other pieces in the show.

The Army Cot is an interactive piece that invites the viewer to lay down on an old French army cot. Suspended from the ceiling, a large metal caldron/speaker with an original soundtrack rotates labove their head and upper torso. (Buckholtz, at announced hours, will mix sounds.)

At the front of the gallery overseeing the work in the show sits an alter like piece that holds an old television set. Across the screen is a white line. A motor perched above spins the sound of wind and light.

Infinity, a video piece uses three monitors and chance.

Buckholtz is a visual artist and composer. Over the past 15 years, she had made lighting and visual designs for many Bay Area performance artistis and is the annual lighting designer for the Telluride Film Festival, as well as the lighting director for Meredith Monks solo concert tours. Buckholtz has released two solo Cds on Out of Round Records. She is a former Headlands Resident, and is a currently recipient of the Jacob K. Javits Fellowship. She is currently at CCAs graduate program.