locationthe luggage storeopeningFriday, November 12, 2004

new work by

ELENA BEELAERTS, Amsterdam  mixed media collage, sculpture

JOVI SCHNELL, San Francisco  mixed media on wall

FRITZ WELCH, New York  mixed media installation

SF guest artist LOREN CHASE, sound

This exhibition is the convergence of these artists who have travel to different venues where the exhibition takes on different themes and forms. The “host artist” guides the exhibition’s title and theme. The luggage store is the second venue, and the host artist is “Jovi Schnell”

Elena Beelaerts  recently ‘hosted” the artists and exhibition at the The Stedelijk  Museum Bureau of Amsterdam, “Entropic Meltdown.”

The exhibition and its process speak to the inevitable and steady deterioration of systems and societies. To these ends, the collaboratively associated art  incorporates the concepts of micro and macro views and  a unique interpretation of the concept of dubbing as an important component of the creative work process.