SHORT CUTS 2005 (4 short shows)

locationthe luggage store

Short Cuts, in its 4th year, was conceived of and designed by Darryl Smith and Laurie Lazer of the luggage store to identify, support and emerge new and /or young curators and artists.

Through a mentoring process, selected individuals gain hands on experience organizing an exhibition, and are responsible for: installlation/de-installation; publicity and promotion; and are responsible for organizing staffing for the gallery during their exhibition.This program was funded by The Fleishhacker Foundation.

Short Cuts #4
Manimal Mania:
August 27-September 9, 2005
Curated by Klover Kim
Ulrika Anderson, Daniel Dent, Steve Genrich, Shawn Gurczack, Ferris Plock, David Richard and Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough.
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Short Cuts #3
Thick Lens
August 12 – August 19, 2005
curated by Katie Vida and Alexis Knowlton
Becca Baldwin, Brook Budner, Ethan Hayes-Chute, Mayme Donsker, Shara Hughes, Alexsis Knowlton, Shaun Leonardo, Aaron Poser, Jordan Stein, Katie Vida

Short Cuts #2
Cast of Characters
July 30- August 6, 2005
curated by Hunter Longe
Tia Alcini, Matthew Palladino, Hunter Longe

Short Cuts #1
Seven on Our Side
July 16 – July 23, 2005
curated by Silver Warner
Josh Blank, Aaron Curry, Massan Fluker, Leslie Kulesh, Tahiti Pehrson, Mary Joy Scott, Silver Warner