NEW MUSIC SERIES, John Ingle/Don Joseph, et al…

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CREATIVE MUSIC – Every Thursday

October 20, 2005

8 pm
new music for saxaphone and hammer dulcimer

9 pm
Ron Heglin, trombone/vocals
Tom Nunn, inventions
Doug Carroll, cello

experimental/improvisation/electronic music

$6-10 sliding scale donation– no one refused lack of funds



9/1: electronic music, audivisual trio of Lx Rudis,
Christopher Fleeger
and Scott Davey follows biological electronic music of
Marielle Jakobsons with guest Gregg Kowalksy.

9/8: The Gene V. Baker Quarter and The Scott
Rosenberg Trio.

9/15: NO INPUT, NO EXIT NIGHT: Spanish/Swiss artist PHROQ is Meirino Francisco from Switzerland, electronic-acoustic music, harsh noise, atmospheric textures. Also Panicsville, Sixes, Xome, Skozey Fetsch, CJ Reaven Borosque and Pedestrian Deposit.

9/29: German trumpeter, Birgit Ulher, Damon Smith, bassist and Chicago based drummer Jerome Bryerton. Also: Zdrastvootie, Scott Stobbe, guitar/violin; Sean Adams, drums/percussion; Drew Adams, guitar, voice German trumpeter, BIRGIT UHLER,

Also: Zdrastvootie, Scott Stobbe, guitar/violin; Sean Adams, drums/percussion; Drew Adams, guitar, voice
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10/06: Phillip Zuercher, Roberto Zorzi; solo guitaristsPhilipp Zuercher, aka Phil Zurrigo was born in Switzerland in 1970 and began playing classical violin in his early childhood. He soon switched to guitar to explore pop and rock of the 70s and 80s, interrupting his Swiss jazz school studies at the age of 20 to be trained and work as an instrument maker in Italy, England and Switzerland.  He  has toured and recorded in Switzerland and the UK as an avant-garde sologuitarist as well as with other artists and is now teaching music in Bern Switzerland.

For more information ZURRIGO.

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