The Luggage Store Presents: Streetopia

locationThe Luggage Store & The Tenderloin National ForestdateMay 18th - June 23rd

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STREETOPIA, San Francisco, CA

(Bochay Drum)

Opening Night is May 18th
Time: 7-11pm
featuring dance performance in the streets by Brontez Purnell & Amara Tabor Smith
Performances by LoveWarz and Sean O’Dell
Music by Strawberry Smog + Moira Scar
Free Cafe, Public Art and more…

About the Show:
The Luggage Store Gallery presents Streetopia, a large-scale group exhibition to¨take place in venues throughout downtown San Francisco this coming May 18 through June 23. Curated by writer, Erick Lyle, and artists, Chris Johanson and Kal Spelletich, Streetopia will bring neighborhood residents together with at least 132 artists, performers, writers, filmmakers, activists, thinkers, and public policy makers in venues in the heart of¨the city, to address the show™s themes of Utopian aspiration for the city.
The exhibition will be centered on the installation of a giant, collectively¨planned city to be built within the gallery in collaboration with numerous selected¨artists. Simultaneously an additional art and event space will be installed at the¨nearby Luggage Store Annex at the 509 Cultural Center at the other end of the¨neighborhood. One part show and one part elaborate public experiment, the show¨will spill out of these galleries into the surrounding neighborhood with projects¨that include public murals, art on area billboards, installations in vacant storefronts,¨performances in the streets, and events at nearby community gardens.
Inspired by San Francisco™s long tradition of Utopian political and art¨movements, the œcity installed at The Luggage Store will include a Free Cafe,  a theater, a gallery/studio, and a library. Streetopia will host free performances, teachings, and talks in the city every day for the show™s month-long run and, thus,¨will provide a temporary space that offers opportunities for participation, agency,¨critical thinking, learning, sharing of ideas, and tools for community building that will¨reverberate in the real city after the city we build in the gallery is long gone.¨The café, event space, and other rooms will give audience members the opportunity to¨meet in and engage with the exhibition on a daily basis and to propose their own events¨for the show.

Also check out Galería de la Raza Mural Restored by Spencer Keeton Cunningham.

Participating artists: thus far committed to appear or present in Streetopia include¨SWOON, Monica Canilao, Rigo 23, Michelle Tea, Barry McGee, and Emory Douglas.
All featured artists:  Ajax, Joey Alone, Craig Baldwin, Beehive Collective, Michael Berens, Ilona Berger, Craigums Billmeier, Caroline Bins, Paul Boden, Black Hole Cinematheque, Black Rainbow,  Anne Bluethenthal, Laurel Braitman, Broken Water,  Monica Canilao, Chris Carlsson, Mona Caron, Randy Colosky, Coalition on Homelessness SF, Randy Colosky, C. Ryder Cooley, Finley Coyl, Cary Cronenwett, Arwen Curry, Annie Danger, Bill Daniel, Julian Dash, Aesop Dekker,, Emory Douglas, Jesse Drew, Bochay Drum, Duskin Drum, Alec Icky Dunn, Mark Ellinger,  Lisa Ruth Elliott, Spy Emerson,  Lares Feliciano, Gary Fembot, Erin Lynn Forrest, Amy Franceschini, Rebecca Giordano, Hilary Goldberg, Nick Gomez, Grass Widow, Great Tortilla Conspiracy, Sam Green, Greenpeace, Toby Hardman, Greg Harvester, Hayes Valley Farm, Maya Hayuk,  Elvis Herselvis, Homonomixxx, Dna Hoover, Justin Hoover, Penelope Houston, Brenda Hutchinson, Hyphae Design Lab, Indigenous Arts Coalition, Chris Johanson,  Pat Kadyk, Arnold J. Kemp, Tim Kerr, Stormy Knight,  Nomy Lamm, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Sarah Lewison, Chip Lord, LOVEWARZ, Alex Luboff, Ellie Lum,  Erick Lyle, Glen Lym, Wendy Mac Naughton, Josh Macphee, Ruth Mahaney, Veronica Majano, Devorah Major, Travis Mathews, Ivy Jeanne McClelland, Barry McGee, Jason Fritz Michael, Janice Mirikitani, Moira Scar, Dan Nicoletta, Alejandro Murguia, Shaun O™dell, Alvin Orloff, Kari Orvik, Stephen Parr, Renny Pritikin, Brontez Purnell, Ragi Da Lawyer,  Kyle Ranson, Really Really Free Market, Vanessa Renwick, Rigo 23, Fred Rinne, Mike Rios, ROADDAWGZ, Favianna Rodriguez, Antonio Roman-Alcala, Ruby Howl, Norman Rutherford, SF Drug Users Union, Glen Scantlebury, Dave Schubert, Sarah Schulman, Nina Serrano,  Christine Shields, Josh Short, Bucky Sinister, Amara Tabor Smith, Tracey Snelling, Greta Snider, Rebecca Solnit, Sunfoot, Kal Spelletich, SWAMPY, SWOON, Michelle Tea, A.C. Thompson, Kevin Thomson, James Tracey, Chris Treggiari, Fred Turner, V. Vale, Roberto Vargas, Andy Vogt, Orson Wagon, Sy Wagon, Mona Webb, Marshall Weber,  Peter Whitehead, Andrew Wingler, Josh Wolf, Karyn Yandow,  Erin Yanke, and Tobin Yelland.

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