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date7, 12, 13

Headlands Center for the Arts provides an unparalleled environment for the creative process and the development of new work and ideas. For more than three decades, Headlands has presented an array of dynamic programs for artists and the public”including residencies, lectures and performances, Open Houses, community-based projects, publications and commissions”designed to enhance the reflection, dialogue and exchange that builds understanding of and appreciation for the role of the artist and art in society. The Tournesol Award recognizes one Bay Area painter each year, supporting him or her in taking the first major steps toward establishing a career in the Bay Area. The Award is designed to support a full year of artistic work and development, and includes a $10,000 cash stipend, a private studio, and a funded final exhibition or project of the artist™s choice.
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the luggage store
 is one of San Francisco’s leading nonprofit mutlidisciplinary arts organizations established in 1987, with three venues in downtown San Francisco; the luggage store (1007 Market Street), the luggage store annex (aka 509 Cultural Center) at 509 Ellis Street and the adjacent Tenderloin National Forest in Cohen Alley  (a green community commons for public art and social interventions). The luggage store’s vital exhibition, performing arts, public arts and arts education programs are designed to broaden social and aesthetic networks by encouraging the flow of images and ideas between different cultural and economic communities. 

Brett Goodroad: Negative Capable, 2013. Oil on linen, 41 1/4 x 32 3/4 inches.

-Review by Kevin Killian:

“Brett Goodroad’s beautiful show at the Luggage Store Gallery (on market street at 6th) is called What Imaginist Knew (sic) and I don’t understand the title nor all the allusions he brings into the work but I can tell a ravishing painting when I see it and half of these pictures remind me of some imaginary Manet-meets-Jess world of unreadable romantic signs-you could spend hours in the beautiful room moving between one picture and another-like trying to decide which of the Steittheimer sisters was really the best. It’s open till August 10th, so go if you can. And the prices are unbelievably low! Perhaps that adds to the dreamlike quality of the experience there 🙂 It’s magic.”