Hunter’s Moon at Tenderloin National Forest

date10, 18, 2013

*The Wandering Moon*
Hunter’s Moon at Tenderloin National Forest
Moon One of the Wandering Moon, a Quarterly Series

October 18, 8pm
$5-10 sliding scale

Hosted by Michelle Tea! 
VEGAN food by Beth Pickens!

Readings by:

BRONTEZ PURNELL is a Bay Area based writer, dancer, and musician. He’s been featured in the Out Magazine’s Hot List and the New York Times. He is the creator of the Post-Queer Core zine Fag School and is currently working on his first novella. Founder and creative head of the Brontez Purnell Dance Company, which debuted its first body of dance work, Whenever I Get Off the Floor I’m A Total Fucking Hurricane, at Berkeley Art Museum, Purnell is currently wrapping up production on his first dance film titled Free Jazz. He has toured the US and Europe with his former band Gravy Train!!!! and his surrent musical project The Younger Lovers. He is currently studying Theatre and Contemporary Dance at Cal State East Bay.

CARRIE LEILAM LOVE is a writer and community artist from Oakland, California. She was a real book nerd growing up, so it surprised no one when she received an MFA in creative writing from San Francisco State University. She likes to write poems and stories about people struggling to love themselves and each other, which is totally the dominant narrative of the human condition. Some of her poems and stories have been published by Diner Journal, Intersection for the Arts, and others. She recently performed in Queer Rebels of the Harlem Renaissance, and was invited by the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU to speak with distinguished company about cultural representation and the responsibility of artists. Formerly, she was a contributing editor for Ironing Board Collective, where she wrote about the intersections of politics and sartorial choice. In 2011 she founded The Ephemory Project in memory of her brother, a website and organization dedicated to using creativity to heal communities and raise awareness about epidemic violence. In her free time, she has pursued at one time or another and to varying degrees of success: gardening, triathlon, roller derby, and quilting. Currently she is the BayView Community Artist in Residence for WritersCorps, a program of the San Francisco Arts Commission.

NOVELLA CARPENTER is the author of the best-selling memoir, Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer, and co-author of The Essential Urban Farmer, a how-to guide to farming in the city. She lives in Oakland where she runs GhostTown Farm and is working on a memoir about her feral father.

KAT MARIE YOAS is a writer, performer, improviser and singer living and loving in San Francisco. She has mined her short stories from her strange hometown in Michigan to Steel Magnolias to her working class roots to her workplace, the last remaining lesbian bar in the city. Kat Marie has performed these stories on stages across the US, the UK and Europe on her adventures with Sister Spit and has been published in several anthologies, chapbooks and zines. She is currently working on her one woman show, weaving her love of comedic improv and storytelling into a sweater of some sort, which will be performed the end of the summer at several venues across the fine city of San Francisco.

MYRIAM GURBA is the author of Dahlia Season (Manic D Press 2007), Wish You Were Me (Future Tense Press 2010), and several self-published things. She worked as an editorial assistant for On Our Backs and toured North America with Sister Spit. She is allergic to penicillin.