“The Back Room” – Closing Reception March 28th!

curatorRich Fonseca

Visual Art Exhibition

œThe Back Room

Work by: Thomas Campbell, Bill Daniel, Cheryl Dunn, Date Farmers, Margaret Kilgallen, Chris Johanson, Ari Marcopolous , Ace Morgan, NeckFace, Stephen Powers, Dave Schubert, Ed Templeton, Robyn Twomey, Tobin Yelland. Curated by Rich Fonseca Daigle, a a project of Short Cuts Dates of Exhibition:

February 7th, 2014 “ March 28th. 2014

Closing Reception:

March 28th “ 7-9pm


The Luggage Store Gallery


1007 Market Street (@ 6th)

San Francisco, CA 94103

Telephone No:



Wed “ Saturday, 12-5 and by appointment




The Luggage Store Gallery presents: The Back Room

Guest curated by Rich Fonseca Daigle

The Back Room is an excavation and exploration into The Luggage Store™s past shows. The work in this exhibition is either from a past show, was donated to raise funds for The Luggage Store, or gifted to gallery.

Rich Fonseca Daigle has been working with The Luggage Store for the past year and half, helping to document and catalog work in the archives. The Luggage Store invited Rich to organize a show of this work. Rich says, œI initially reached for art that I loved or works that spoke to me – I chose Tobin Yelland™s flag collage piece as the launch point for the show because it said everything I could relate to about my own American experience . Working from that point of view, I selected additional works that describe my memories of living all over this country.

All the artists involved in this exhibition have had past exhibitions at The Luggage Store between 1991“ present.

Cheryl Dunn – Off the Hook, In the Moment, 5000 TREES – Sept, 2001 (Dunn, Tony  Oursler, Jacqueline Humpries, Steve Powers)

Ace Morgan “ March 2003 (III, Ace Morgan, Xylor Jane, Alicia McCarthy)

Tobin Yelland “ Off the Hook,  DISCIPLINED AND VIGILENT March 3, 2000

Ed TempletonOff the Hook, DISCIPLINED AND VIGILENT March 3, 2000

NeckfaceNECK FACE/ THE DATE FARMERS – January 7, 2005, Fullness of time,

Chris Johanson “ Off the Hook (1998); IN THE MOMENT – Nov 5th, 2011

Thomas Campbell “ Scuba, Off the Hook, THOMAS CAMPBELL, JO JACKSON, DAVE SHUBERT – 5 June, 2002, In the Fullness of Time

Robyn Twomey – RICARDO RICHEY, ROBIN TWOMEY “ September 11, 2009

Ari Marcopolous “ IN THE MOMENT – Nov 5th, 2011

Dave Schubert – THOMAS CAMPBELL, JO JACKSON, DAVE SHUBERT – 5 June, 2002, In the Fullness of Time

Date Farmers – NECK FACE/ THE DATE FARMERS – January 7, 2005; In the Fullness of Time

Margaret Kilgallen “ 1995, Widely Unknown (Kilgallen, Hoff and Hayes), “ Frenzy, In the Moment, Fullness of Time

Stephen Powers “ WRITING LETTERS “ (Powers, Auerbach and Amrhein( October 2005); In the Fullness of Time

Bill Daniel – IN THE FULLNESS OF TIME “ 2008; Streetopia (13)


Rich Fonseca Daigle grew up in Ithaca NY, and lived all over the country from New Orleans to Portland to Taos to NYC, SF and LA and is influenced heavily by the antiestablishment of the punk rock scene, the free thinking of the hippie movement, and the TV show Nature. This is his very first curated show. Enjoy!

Short Cuts Program: Was created by Laurie Lazer and Darryl Smith as part of their ongoing efforts to identify support emerge and nurture new / young curators and artists. The program is designed to attract and identify new curators, artists and audiences from diverse backgrounds as well as to mentor these individuals.