WORDS ARE POWER: An Interactive Screening of The Discourse

date4, 5, 2014

Join the discussion and participate in the creation of a mosaic portrait in film. Veuxdo Child will be creating a short film featuring you and the word(s) you know to be most powerful to you, in a statement about language and how we can use it to influence and create our realities.

When: April 5th

Where: Luggage Store Gallery

 Time: 7pm-10pm  

+ Artist meet & greet with Openi Kali
+ self-identified *POC* are asked to #VoiceYourView in the FREE filmbooth & be a part of the newest Veuxdo Child film project!
Arizmendi Bakery and Pizzeria, Emeryville will be providing tasty treats!+veuxdo tees and artist goods”


+veuxdo tees and artist goods will be available for purchase

+ $5 Suggested Donation (no one turned away for lack of funds)

The Discourse, a documentary mixtape, is the fruits of the first step made by Veuxdo Child in the documenting of our collective voice and thus our literal spoken history.

Conversation is a healthy exercise and is necessary for reflection and growth. It is important for us to engage in ongoing active discussion on what’s critically relevant to ourselves and each other about our collective condition as a people, as creators, as community, and as a society.

While these conversations are by no means the end all be all or complete nor definitive story or discussion on society as we perceive it “ because knowledge evolves as we grow and learn “ these discussions are meant to spark or add to the flame for eternal reflection and conversation. Rather, this move is just the tip of the iceberg, and it is my hopes that The Discourse encourages more conversation with self and with our neighbors, friends, and Fam about what’s around us, where we come from, what shapes us, how we shape ourselves; including (but not only) what is fed to us through major media houses or “the powers that be.”


It is my hope that this documentary mixtape serves as inspiration for continuing conversation as well as tinder to spark critical thought and reflection. Inspiration is the food for thought and the fuel for love.

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