artistRobin Birdd, Jeffrey Yip, Joogmac and FlexonelocationTenderloin National Forest - 509 Ellis stdate5, 9, 2015


Terra Incognita
Why can’t all art shows be rap shows too? To answer the question, Terra Incognita
brings audiences to a world where both rap and visual art meet. Merging visual
installations provided by Robin Birdd and Jeffrey Yip, with performances by The Trillions
and Salty Sherilyn, the group transforms the Tenderloin National Forest with a vibrant
one-night-only event.
Adapting to the space™s unique traits, Installation artists, Robin Birdd and Jeffrey Yip
augment the spatial environment with paper plant and mythological animal sculptures in
addition to forty-foot digital projections. The result is a fictional landscape that co-exists
within the Tenderloin National Forest. In conjunction with the visual composition, The
Trillions and Salty Sherilyn provide a soundscape, which amplifies the eccentric nature
of the Tenderloin National Forest.
Finally, to pair with the experience, up and coming Pop Up Chef, Eman G will provide a custom menu for the night.
Situating at the center of San Francisco™s Tenderloin, in its very own national forest,
Terra Incognita evokes a mystical experience that challenges the relationships between
people and the use of space. The event embarks on the concept of displacement by
situating elements outside of their normal environments. It places a rap show and an art
show out of their traditional environments, forcing both experiences to adapt in
symbiosis. Rather than manipulating the Tenderloin National Forest, the group conforms
to the habitat™s one-off traits resulting in a spatial experience beyond any perceived
norms of an urban forest.
What: One night show
Who: Luggage Store Gallery and Robin Birdd, Jeffrey Yip, The Trillions,
Salty Sherilyn and Eman G
When: Saturday May 9th7:00 – 10:00 pm
Where: Tenderloin National Forest, 511 Ellis Street San Francisco, California 94109