Black Mail (a group show)

date10, 16, 2015

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We live in difficult times:

The people of San Francisco are left to watch as their city goes through massive changes, seemingly helpless as treasured landmarks get torn down, while the gentrification of neighbor-
hoods pushes out thousands of natives. One cannot help but feel that the city has lost itself.Despite all these changes San Francisco still remains a cultural oasis, a haven for countless creatives. Amongst this sea of like minded souls stand five artists. Through i llustration, painting, photography, and design, these artists demonstrate the beauty of creativity, and in doing so, choose to outshine the negative images that are constantly being placed on black males throughout the United States. As this oasis continues to attract revolutionar-ies, dreamers, and innovators to the city, each of these artists adds their own cultural background, and their own personal story into the already rich history of the city. Black Mail exists to remind everybody that San Francisco hasn™t lost its culture, that its people, our people care about what happens to our city. Through this show we along with the artists will help San Francisco Bring Black Back.