Candy Paint II – Group Show

date11, 14, 2015

officetour_KristenLiuWong(Kristen Liu-Wong)

The Luggage Store presents:

“Candy Paint II” a group show by bay area artist’s

Michelle Guintu, Rye Purvis, Yarrow Slaps, Justin Hager and Kristen LiuWong

Dates: November 14th – December 12th

Opening Reception: November 14th

Time: 6-9pm

Address: 1007 Market St

Paintings, drawings, video and installations!

Join us for an exciting show! food by K-E the cook x party x art x the gettas music performance

Candy Paint represents simplicity and natural understandings through a skillful mess. In the title itself, Candy Paint symbolizes an imaginative world full of vibrancy, sweetness, and strength. The artists each provide a personal and unique perspective that embodies innocence, accessibility, soul, alongside nostalgia and memories. The exhibit seeks to not present “high brow” nor “low brow” art–neither categorize the collective work as a specific genre, theme, or topic, but instead provides the open space for conversations on simple acts of “togetherness” and the individual stories each artist chooses to convey in their pieces of art.