‘In’ – Alex Bradley Cohen & Marissa Neuman

date11, 14, 2015
 (Marissa Neuman)
Luggage Store Presents:
November 14th – December 12th
Opening Reception November 14th

‘In,’ a new exhibition by Alex Bradley Cohen and Marissa Neuman that brings together portraiture and sculpture that intersects personal narratives with intimate environments. 
Both artists expressions reflect back onto their unique cultures and personal identities from which they’ve come. The show presents a harmony of expression in a complex and diverse world.

short artist bleep for alex bradley cohen. 
As an artist I am interested in depicting a spectrum of human experience. Drawing from personal experiences, and personal friendships my work uses the figure to investigate play, current social and political climates, community and culture.
Painting for me has always been therapeutic and self-reflective. It has always been an activity to allow my mind to drift and search. Through this inner search for some sort of truth I have arrived at storytelling. Storytelling has become a big part of my work. Either drawing from personal experiences from my childhood and teen years, or depicting an image that deals with social or cultural issues, painting has been a way for me to deal with these inner and outer anxieties. Its a way for me to form conclusions to thoughts and ideas, while gaining greater understanding of self and the world in which I inhibit.

Alex Bradley Cohen lives and works in Chicago, IL. Cohen is an alumnus of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. He is recipient of the 2014 James Nelson Raymond Fellowship. Recent exhibitions include The Craft and Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles, CA and The Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst, IL. His work was featured on the cover of New American Paintings (issue 113, 2014).

Artist Bio:
Marissa Chris Zain Neuman is a Chicago based sculptor and teacher. She received her BFA from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago her first Bachelors degree in Art History from Loyola University. Collaboration is central to her practice and teaching pedagogy which she brings to each of her exhibitions.  She recently completed residencies at Lillstreet Art Center and Byrdcliffe Artist Colony. This winter she will travel to Colorado to participate in the Anderson Ranch AIR program. Her process explores the relationship of objects crafted in ceramics, fiber and wood. Her work appears as small dioramas that invite viewers to revel in their familiarity and mystery.
Short Artist Blerp for Marissa Neumann
How objects and their material relationships can point outside their existence is the motive of my practice. I™m curious how the poetics of relationships reflect back onto us and how we glean from their moments of tension, contentment, and embrace perceptions of ourselves. The byproduct is a visual world of metaphor, an arrangement of fiber, ceramics and wood reflecting back onto us.