Open vs. Walled Triptych

location509 Ellis Stdate08, 27, 16

Visual artist Beatriz Escobar brings pop­up photo installation to Tenderloin after Berlin

Open vs. Walled Triptych

Pop­up photo installation: Saturday, August 27th, 2016, 12pm ­- 4pm

Tenderloin National Forest ­ 509 Ellis Street (nr. Leavenworth)

San Francisco, CA San Francisco, California ­ August 22 2016 ­ Beatriz Escobar will have the second phase of her

two part project, Open vs. W alled Triptych, in the Tenderloin this Saturday.

The Open vs. Walled Triptych is a traveling pop­up photographic installation created to spark discussions around how borders and walls shape our communities. The first stop was Prinzessinnengarten in Berlin and now it will be exhibited in the Tenderloin National Forest ­ a vibrant community space and garden in San Francisco’s most dynamic neighborhood.

The work is inspired by the human obsession of enforcing artificial borders vs. the desire to refute them. Recent events add to the discussion, from presidential candidate Trump presenting ideas on building a wall between the US and Mexico, to Mark Zuckerberg upsetting locals as he walls off his Hawaii property.

In this interactive project, guests are invited to draw, write thoughts and ideas on the images, as they would in a mural, adding to the marks left by the Berliners in the previous phase.

Born in São Paulo (Brazil), Beatriz Escobar has lived in Milan, Barcelona, Atlanta, New York City and now lives and works in Berkeley, CA. She is a M.A. Social Practice student at California College of the Arts. Her fine art practice focuses on issues pertaining to race and identity.

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Beatriz Escobar