Exotify Elswhere II


Design by Vanessa Nguyen

Opening Reception
Saturday, January 12 | 6pm

January 12 – February 10, 2019

The artists in Exotify Elsewhere oppose the binds of historic fetishization on femme bodies and cultures not rooted in whiteness. Constantly enduring these conditions has equipped us with the tools of resistance and resilience necessary to preserve our safety and autonomy. We employ these tactics to claim space in the art world where we feel our voice has typically been forgotten and therefore silenced. Elsewhere emphasizes that we are taking the power to say, œyou will not exploit me in that way, not here, not on my body.

By defining ourselves for ourselves we rise from the oppressive limitations of the male gaze and the violent exclusion of white-washed womanhood. This show serves as a platform for WOC to freely question and combat these conditions and works toward a liberated woman of color whose struggles are seriously considered in the fight for social, sexual and economic justice.



Twelve Artists Fights Fetishization In “Exotify Elsewhere II” at SWIM Gallery, Juxtapoz, 12 January 2019 

Kirkland, Kelly. Exotify Elsewhere Pt. II at SWIM Gallery, Art Practical, 20 February 2019