Lanéya Billingsley aka Billie0cean, “A Dream Cum True” Solo Exhibition at SWIM Gallery


Lanéya Billingsley aka Billie0cean,
“A Dream Cum True”

solo exhibition
Dates of Exhibition: February 11, 2023 – March 5, 2023
Opening Reception: February 11th from 6-10pm.
Music at the event will be provided by Tecuani Feroz

Gallery hours: Wednesday and Saturday by appointment between 12 and 5pm
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SWIM Gallery
509 Ellis St, San Francisco

Lanéya Billingsley aka Billie0cean, “Where Love Goes”, Digital Print, 2023

Swim Gallery is honored to present a new body of work by Lanéya Billingsley aka Billie0cean, “A Dream Cum True”.

THE ARTIST: Lanéya Billingsley aka Billie0cean, is an experimental filmmaker, sound designer,
graphic designer and creative director based in the bay area. With a background in animation and
theatre, Billie’s work is water for the heart and sugar for our melancholy. bubblegum Afro
futurism with brass knuckles and bedroom eyes, Billie has shown their conceptual video and
visual art work at Classic Cars West in Oakland, Swim Gallery in San Francisco, de:formal in
New York, and Coaxial in Los Angeles as well as created video and visuals for artists Toro y
Moi, mia carucci, Mowalola, Kelly Lee Owens, and Spellling.

Artist Statement: The spewing of the subconscious into the conscious, giving sight to feeling,
breath to thought, retrieving power where it was lost, locating the rot, smelling the aroma of
desire, the aroma of rage, the aroma of melancholy, a rinse of the heart, and dripping honey into
wet tear ducts. Time based work transmuting the spiritual and the emotional, the sweet and the
sour, into a visceral visual and sensory experience that touches, uncovers, and mends the
subconscious. A space to breathe, a space to immerse, a space to feel,
however uncomfortable. A reminder to move through trauma and align with our highest
self(selves). Ascension is vital, however lost we may feel.

Lanéya Billingsley aka Billie0cean, “Pressure Points”, Digital Print, 2023

Lanéya Billingsley aka Billie0cean, “LAMB”, Digital Print, 2023