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Luggage Store Projection Space: Lost Cities

artistChris Brown & Johanna PoethigcuratorEliza Barrioslocationluggage store projection spacedateNovember 3 - December 3openingNovember 19 (5:30pm - 6:30pm)

“Lost Cities” is a psycho-geographical, mixed-media narrative that explores pre and post apocalyptic urban landscapes and architectural backdrops through imaginary characters named “the sub-colonials” who move, dance, and tread through these past, futurist, and surreal environments. MORE INFO →



locationThe Luggage StoredateNov 5th - Nov 26th

Danya Aletebi See Within A Sea, 2011 Acrylic, spray paint, mixed media (menstrual blood ), 8″x18″ $250       John Felix Arnold III The SUn in May, 2011 Mixed Media on Wood Panel, 4’x8′ $5,000     Christopher Burch … MORE INFO →

Luggage Store Projection Space: Nara Denning

artistNara DenningcuratorEliza Barrioslocationluggage store gallery projection spacedateOctober 1 - October 31

Public projections have given a new meaning to video. Experiencing moving pictures in public for free often translates to the of selling of a product or a lifestyle. With that in mind, programming at Luggage Storeā„¢s Projection Space has offered … MORE INFO →

Creative Music Series music

locationThe Luggage Store - 1007, 6th & Marketdate10, 6, 2011

Thursday, Oct 6 2011 8:00 PM 8:00 Neil Welch (WA) 9:00 Sheldon Brown’s Distant Intervals: Music Hidden in Speech, Speech Structures Hidden Under Music Sheldon Brown – Reeds, Andrew Joron – Theremin and Poetry Noah Phillips – Guitar, Dave MacNab … MORE INFO →


Calls for Bikes w/Boomboxes + FM Radios event

artistChris Brown + Johanna Poethiglocation6th / Market StdateNovember 19

Calling all bicyclists with boomboxes + FM radios to join artists Chris Brown + Johanna Poethig along with PUBLIC Bicycles and boombotix for this sound+vision+bicycle extravaganza! The event will take place Saturday, November 19 from 5:30pm – 6:30pm. Details: Bicyclists … MORE INFO →